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Tell me if you've heard this one before: a group of friends who have a similar skillset look at each other in a moment of destiny and say, "We should start our own company!"

Moments like these are fun to dream about, but typically don't come to fruition in reality. In 2020, this dream came to reality and it has been the ride of lifetime!

Vince Randazzo, Austin Reach and John Aguilar all DJed as contractors for several of the top wedding companies in Atlanta, and then they recognized an inherent issue with the wedding industry...

Couples pay for a company's experience and reputation but have NO CONTROL over the DJ they are actually assigned.

You might get the owner of the company or you might get the guy who hosted a few house parties and decided he could handle a wedding.

"Guild" is defined as "an association of craftsmen for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal." With over 200+ weddings of combined experience under their belts, Vince Randazzo, Austin Reach, and John Aguilar have taken the time necessary to become masters of their craft. 

Here is the bottom line... with Guild Entertainment, you will work with a DJ who is Remarkably Experienced, Highly Rated, and Heavily Trained and that's a guarantee no other wedding entertainment company in Atlanta can offer.

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